Anger Class Online
Online anger management classes which can be taken anywhere by phone, tablet or computer.  Ideal for court or self improvement.  Brought to you by the AJ Novick Group, Inc., a leading provider of high quality anger management programs.

AJ Novick Group – Stress and Anger Management
We are a leading national provider of anger management classes, home study and online anger management classes, anger management coaching, workplace anger management programs, education and training. Our programs are ideal for court, business, occupational and personal requirements

The Anger Coach
We offer anger and stress management classes, resources and products for adults, couples, and the workplace. We also have a home-study program. We currently have a book, an e-book, and a CD. Try our Online Anger Quiz. We have Professional Certification Training and we offer a Free Newsletter.

Anger Management Online
This is one of the world’s first completely web-based anger management programs for adults and couples. Learn the eight tools of anger control from the convenience of your home. Our program is accepted by many courts. This is also great for personal development and growth. We now have a New Educator Certification Program for Martial Arts Instructors.
Disruptive Physician Program for distressed doctors.  This program is an ideal resource for hospital administration to refer a physician who may be exhibiting disruptive, impulsive or poor behaviors to staff and/or patients.

Anger Management Groups
Dr. Lyle Becourtney offers live and online anger management class options. He is a licensed psychologist and a certified anger management professional.


Online Parent
Online Parenting and Co-Parenting classes. Classes can be taken from any computer 24 hours a day. Ideal for court, legal, custody, divorce, adoption and other requirements as well as for personal growth. Certificate of completion awarded
Alcohol and Drug Awareness and education classes online, as well as Minor in Possession classes online. Fulfill Court and legal requirements

Parent Certification Training
Get certified to teach parenting classes from Structured approach. All online training.

Online Domestic violence classes

Alcohol Drug Class- offer code, discount code