Can I use this certification from Century Anger Management to teach Anger Management classes?

Yes, absolutely. Currently, there are no state laws that regulate anger management providers; therefore, any reputable provider can offer certification.

What makes your organization reputable?

We are a previous provider to the Board of Behavioral Sciences and CAADE. Our principal trainers are Ari Novick, Ph.D. and  Tony Fiore, Ph.D., both psychotherapists with combined experience of over 45 years.  The are the co-author’s of Century Anger Managements’ curriculum, “Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century”.

Will the courts accept this model?

There is no single model of anger management that is the accepted “standard” for state courts in California or any other state courts in the country. There are various researchers and noted authors in anger management, who all have very different views of the strategies needed to effectively manage anger. If you call up agencies, group homes, or other service providers who offer anger management classes for the courts in counties across the state or country and ask what model they use, the answers frequently vary. Our model is quickly becoming more recognized and accepted as a leading intervention for anger management, and to date, we have not had a single participant of any of our programs turned away for using the Century Anger Management model for attending classes with a court order. If the viability of your program or agency is every questioned, you can quickly remind the courts that the model you are using is accepted and approved by the California State Board of Corrections for the training of Parole, Probations and Correctional officers. There are only three organizations in the state of California with this designation.

Where do most anger management referrals come from?

Interestingly, most anger management clients do not come from the courts. Most clients are either self-referred or referred by their employer.

I live in Orange County; will the courts accept me as a provider if I use this model?

Orange County is one of the only counties in the state that has a limited number of approved providers. It is difficult, but not impossible to get on their list, regardless of what model of anger management used or what organization you received training.  As of 2012 the O.C. Probation Department no longer monitors anger management programs.

Is this the only certification training available to the public?

Until recently, there was only one other training provider in anger management in the state of California and only a handful in the country. We believe the public should have choices when it comes to anger management certification and training. We have an extremely high quality model with proven interventions as well as the approvals necessary to position our model and our providers as viable resources for anger management intervention. We do not profess to be a huge global organization; however, we stand behind our training and curriculum as one of the finest available in the world. We also offer unprecedented marketing support of your business and we do not require participants to purchase minimums of workbooks and client support materials and they are certified. We offer a variety of volume discounts on workbooks for providers. A listing of our discounts can be found on our website. In fact, our organization rewards our providers with discounts on materials and will also include your organization in a variety of outbound marketing campaigns that our partners and we produce.

Why should I get certified as an Anger Management Professional by Century Anger Management?

This specialized training will assist you in working with clients that specifically have issues relating to anger and stress management. Anger management is not psychotherapy; therefore, most clinicians are not properly trained to work with such clients. Our certification is ideal for educators, clinicians, parole, probation and correctional officers, clergy, substance abuse and domestic violence counselors, human resource managers and anyone who wants or needs to work helping clients with anger related problems. Our model uses proven and effective techniques to teaching clients skills using our copyrighted, “Eight Tools to Anger Control”. The Century Anger Management model is quickly becoming one of the leading modalities for helping clients control anger, aggression and violence. We are now quickly growing and are positioned to become one of the leading organizations in the nation for anger management facilitation training. Lastly, Century Anger Management strongly supports our providers. We will actively help market your organization and provide discounts on all client workbooks and support materials. We want to see you succeed!

Where can I find out more information on our certification trainings?

Please contact Dr. Tony Fiore for more information. His information can be found on this website or contact Dr. Ari Novick at this website.