As a consumer to Anger Management, we recognize it is important to make an informed, educated decision when deciding on choosing a provider for classes, training or education. We would like our current, potential, and future consumers to clearly understand our mission, core values, objectives and partner relationships.

The Anger Coach, AJ Novick Group and our training organization, Century Anger Management provides high quality education, training, and client services in the field of Anger Management.

Century Anger Management is committed to providing exceptional anger management certification training. We do this by teaching empirically validated interventions in a model that is complete for both adolescents and adults. Century Anger Management is dedicated to developing a network of highly trained anger management professionals that provide top quality services to their clients.


  • We act with integrity and honesty at all times.
  • We are passionate about providing quality education and training to our consumers.
  • We are open and respectful to others and dedicated to making them better.
  • We are willing to embrace challenges and see them through.
  • We are committed to providing excellent service to the public and continually strive to improve.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for commitments and firmly stand behind our model of intervention, our advertising to the public, and our commitment to consumers.

Our model of intervention, developed by Dr. Tony Fiore, Ph.D. and Ari Novick, M.A. was published in January 2005. In the absence of state laws regulating anger management providers, we gained some very important approvals that validate the usage of our model and training. It is approved for CEUs for LCSWs and LMFT’s by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS PCE#2668) and CAADE (CP10704C1105), California.

A Better Understanding of Anger Management Certification

The field of anger management is not new. In fact, the term “Anger Management” was coined back in 1975 by University of California Irvine professor, Raymond Novaco, Ph.D. In the mid and late 1990’s anger management started to become more and more popular in the media and with psychotherapists. As anger management has grown and its popularity and acceptance increased, there have been various organizations over the last few years that have begun to offer “Certification Training” in anger management to meet the demand for these services.

There are a handful of organizations around the county that offer various types of “certification training” in anger management. Live in person Certification Trainings can last from one day to three days, depending on the provider, while others offer home study CD and DVD products to either supplement their trainings or are added as additional requirements of their training. The use of the word “requirement” is also somewhat loose because there are currently no state or federal laws that regulate anger management certification training or providers. There are faith based trainings in anger management certification as well as certification as an Anger Management Therapist, Anger Resolution Therapist, Certified Anger Management Facilitator, Certified Anger Management Professional and perhaps even more.

There are certification training providers located all throughout the county ranging from California, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Florida who all have different models of intervention and all offer different variations of training requirements, continuing education and supervision. Century Anger Management’s Professional Anger Management Certification training requirement is currently 40 hours, which can be completed two ways. Either through live content trainings and our state of the art online courses or through our “Home Study” program, which uses a combination of DVD’s and online classes available through our website. We will be publishing shortly, a continuing education requirement for our model. Our training is extremely comprehensive, and both providers and client feedback continues to be exceptional. We have over hundreds of providers nationally, which include probation departments, substance abuse agencies, domestic violence agencies, psychotherapists, clergy, law enforcement, parenting providers, mental health organizations, and recovery centers to name a few.

Our content training is for anger management. We do not certify executive coaches or organizational development specialists. We have left this up to organizations that exclusively train providers for this niche service. No where in our advertising do we suggest that our training is comprehensive these areas, nor to we make mention of it. Our training is focused on giving providers skills to teach anger management groups, primarily to adults and we offer applications to teaching adolescents. We have kept the content training to one full day because we don’t believe it is necessary to duplicate the teaching of our model additional days for different age groups or work settings. We view this as both a cost savings to consumers and an ethical business practice.

The 8 Tools of Anger Control can be applied to both adults and teenagers with just simple modifications which we discuss. In the future, we will be adding one additional day to provide more experiential involvement, which currently lacks from many training programs, as well as additional instruction. We also believe that the Century Anger Management model can be used to work with clients for one on one anger management. Some people like to call this “executive coaching”, while others may call it something else. Regardless, we don’t suggest that our training is to certify “executive coaches” or “organizational development” providers; we simply believe there are other applications for our model to be used to provide anger management services. We know that our anger management training is exceptional, credible and highly useful for current and potential providers of anger management. We know this because we have reviewed over 250 participant evaluations of our trainings.

There is no single organization that can legitimately tell consumers what the standards are for anger management certification or providers. In light of not having a state or federal agency to regulate anger management, our organization has been proactive in gaining more approvals that almost any other training organization in the nation for anger management. Approvals include CAADE, CAADAC, Board of Behavioral Sciences, NAADAC, CAARR, and the Texas Board of Alcohol and Addiction.

We recognize that Domestic Violence training is regulated and the standards for training are more exhaustive; however, Domestic Violence and Anger Management are two totally different disciplines with different requirements for participants of these programs. When and if standards are created by a state or federal organization, we will most certainly comply as I believe all other certification training organizations around the country will do as well. We believe that our training “requirements” are adequate and appropriate, and we continue to strive to improve them. No organization in the field of anger management should be dictated by a single person or unregulated organization. This creates a conflict of interest, because it puts business interests before consumer needs. This is unfair. Consumers must be aware that there are no standards that are universally accepted and governmentally regulated.

We welcome any anger management provider who has been through our training to comment on this blog with feedback about the quality of Century Anger Managements training and your experiences as a provider. We welcome any prospective consumers of our training to ask us questions and we would be happy to answer them in this public forum.

Tony Fiore, Ph.D
Ari Novick, Ph.D