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CAM Recertification. Required every two years to maintain your certification status
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Anger Certification Training Options
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Century Anger Management Anger Management
Professional Certification Training

Option 1 Description- $595.00

Live Training- 8 Hours
Includes adult content training, assessment and intake procedures, and adolescent applications. This training will cover the 8 Tools of Anger Control featured in our highly acclaimed client workbook, Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century and Anger Management for the Twenty-first Century for Adolescents. Participants will also be exposed to alternate uses of the Century Anger Management model as well as learn first hand how to teach this model through role play and didactic exercises. This model is comprehensive, with both client workbooks in Spanish and English, DVD's, PowerPoint presentations, and easy to learn facilitator tools. Numerous agencies, sole practitioners, governmental organizations, as well as probation departments use the Century Anger Management model. HR Wire, a leading Human Resource organization recently featured our principal trainer on the uses of this highly accepted model. Participates will receive a Level 1 Certificate of Completion.

Online Modules- 32 Hours
The live training counts for 8 hours of the required 40 hours for full certification (Level 2). The remaining 32 hours of training must be completed using our state of the art online course which can be completed at anytime. These online classes are self-paced and are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Participants can start and stop as many times as needed. Once the online modules are completed we will issue a “Level 2” Anger Management Certificate of Completion, and the participant will be fully certified by our organization.

The online modules will include:

  1. Adolescent Content Training Review
  2. Adult Content Training Review
  3. Executive Coaching & Special Applications
  4. Assessment Review
  5. Marketing & Business Outreach
  6. Proposed Ethics for Anger Management Providers

    Live Training cost: $350/day, and $245 for the online modules, which includes all materials and Level 1 certificate.  Online modules must be taken AFTER the live training.


Option 2 Description: $595.00
Home Study Certification

To participate in our Home Study Certification Training Course for prospective Anger Management Professionals, you will need to purchase two products:

  • 8 Hour DVD content training which will enable the participants to complete the first 8 hours of the required training.

  • 32 Hours Online Training through our internet based classes through

Once the DVD has been viewed there will be a short exam to complete and fax or mail back. The additional online classes are self contained, and once completed, the participant will receive their official Certified Anger Management Professional certificate.

This course is ideal for those that have busy schedules or who can not take time off work to attend a live training as well as those that would prefer to complete the training from anywhere in the country.

Trainers: Anthony Fiore, Ph.D. and Ari Novick, Ph.D., both licensed mental health professionals and certified anger management trainers.

Certification Steps
Certification as an Anger Management Professional by Century Anger Management requires completion of either Option 1 OR Option 2 as described above.

Re-Certification: Certification is valid for two years. Then, we require completion of an online Continuing Education Module to be re-certified for an addtional two years. The cost is $175.


The certification training is open to those with a background in mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, education, corrections, law enforcement, pastoral counseling, human resources, and those that need or desire to work with angry and hostile clients. Students in these fields may also be accepted.


The eight tools of anger management include:

  • Review of Tool 1 — Dealing with Stress.How stress underlies anger. Physical, medical, mental and behavioral effects of stress. 4- Step model to deal with stress. Exercises. Resources.
  • Review of Tool 2 — Developing Empathy. Definition and examples of empathy. Why empathy and "emotional intelligence" are important in anger management. How to teach participants ways to increase or improve empathic responses to others.
  • Review of Tool 3 — Respond instead of React. How to present concept of difference between "reacting" and "responding" to anger/stress triggers. Concept that anger expression is a decision. Concept of finding other behaviors/ways to communicate needs, feelings or requests that are more effective than anger.
  • Review of Tool 4 — Change Self-Talk. Concept of how self-talk (cognitions) influence emotions. A-B-C-D-E model of anger control. Examples of new cognitions to teach participants. How to think like an optimist.
  • Review of Tool 5 — Assertive Communication - Harmful communication styles. How to be an assertive communicator. Strategies to handle and resolve interpersonal conflict.
  • Review of Tool 6 — Adjust Those Expectations. Expectations and anger Five steps to adjust expectations in relationships and in the workplace. Philosophy of finding alternative ways for need satisfaction. Strategies to teach this concept.
  • Review of Tool 7 — Forgive, but don't forget. 3 steps in forming a grievance. Issue of "should you forgive?" Why forgiving is good for your health and peace of mind. Seven steps to forgiveness.
  • Review of Tool 8 — Retreat and Think Things Over. Learning to "stay in the box." (of anger control). Warning signs to heed. Rules to make this tool effective. The freeze-frame technique for self-soothing. Changing self-talk during the "retreat" period.

    Certification benefits include:

    • Approved for CEUs by CAADE, California:certificate # CP-10704C110
    • Approved for CEUs by NAADAC The National Assocation for Addiction Professionals, Provider #570
    • Approved for CEUs by CAADAC: certificate number 1N-06-745-0108
    • Approved for CEU's by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences: PCE# 2668
    • Approved as Continuing Education Provider by The Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists: Provider Number 5063
    • Approved by Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals as Provider of Continuing Education for Certification and Recertification for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors in the State of Texas: Provider Number: 1739-06
    • Listed on Century Anger Management's international provider list
    • Continual marketing support and marketing membership
    • Complimentary workbook, "Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century" as well our facilitators "Companion Guide"
    • Used and accepted for court, business, and personal referrals